Blogging Experience


Through out this entire semester in college I have created a blog and committed myself to social media to promote my personal brand. It has been an enriching experience to say the least. I have learn the best and worst practices when blogging and posting to social media. I’d like to say I’ve done my best in sticking to the best practices. I’ve learned how much of a commitment blogging is, but also how much it can help you in the end while creating a focus point for my personal brand. I would have liked to in the future do a better job of posting my blog posts during the peak hours and spread out at least once a week. Although this blog has been mainly for the purposes of my fundamentals of online and digital media class, I am going to take the things I’ve learned and use them toward future job opportunities. I can now say that I have blogged and have blogging experience that before this class I couldn’t have said in a interview or to a job recruiter. And I have WordPress to thank for a lot of my blogging experience thus far for their easy to use blogging interface. I will certainly be using this site for my future blogging sites.

With Sugar,



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