Cookies Gone Wrong


I wanted to post this because frankly I found it hilarious when it happened. Honestly, how hard is it to make prepackaged cookies?! Well, sometimes we get a little too distracted.

The Story:

One day my friend was over at my house and brought the prepackaged Nestle Tollhouse cookies for after we eat diner. She asked me to turn on the toaster oven and put the cookies on a sheet while she was busy putting together the main course. After, she put the cookies in the oven but forgot to put a timer on. We talked and joked around while we waiting for the cookies to be done baking. About 20 minutes go by, and light bulb goes off in my head and I say, “Um, how are the cookies not done yet?” We run to the oven to find the cookies burnt to a crisp, and all we could do was laugh our head off.

Sometimes when you’re baking things are not going to be perfect. We’re only human, shit happens. But don’t be turned down to baking and cooking just because you made a mistake one time! Keep on making yummy goods!

For a good laugh, check out the site Cake Wrecks for tragic cake fails.

With Love,



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